Digital Engagement & Content Strategy


A content consultant and creator for enterprises, institutions, and organizations that need to find their voice, reach people, and prompt action.


Content, Creative Strategy, and Digital Engagement

  • Collaborating with clients to discover engagement strategies supporting their business strategies
  • Discerning the authentic voice of a brand or organization.
  • Designing new (and revising extant) management systems and workflows to reach members of the target audience.
  • Crafting measurably meaningful content for an organization and its constituents.


IBM Corp. • Corporate Marketing and Communications


  • I managed the digital content strategy team — content strategists, editors, writers, art directors, designers, video/audio producers, and app and web producers — responsible for IBM's Internet and intranet homepages, as well as the primary Corporate content one level or more below that on each site.
  • When IBM reorganized itself around the “Smarter Planet” agenda (2008-2009), my team created, managed, and iterated the content for every major element of the campaign in its various growth stages over several years, managing the content lifecycle of each element until it could be handed off to a digital marketing team in one of the company’s business units.
  • My team performed strongly against the major measurements where our content could add value, even in the Smarter Planet campaign’s fifth year. For example, in 2013, we exploited our digital content globally to increase the number of registrations (i.e., sales leads) from it by 13% and the number of such registrations per views by 66%. In the U.S., where our content always debuted, those numbers were 55% and 150%, respectively.
  • Earlier at IBM, as a manager of strategic and management communications, I led editorial content development for a couple of IBM annual reports, which garnered awards, and I directed strategy, research, writing, and design for the IBM corporate responsibility report and web site.
  • IBM initially hired me to be editor-in-chief of its nascent corporate intranet. By the end of my tenure leading change management via digital content, IBM’s intranet was rated by employees as the most-trusted source of information about the company — ahead of even colleagues, managers, and the other usual sources.

Consultant • Marketing and Editorial Content


  • Developed communications strategies, brand voice standards, and messaging architectures; created digital and print advertising and promotional materials for corporate, startup, religious, nonprofit, and national media clients.
  • Client and end-client work included, Sony, The New York Times, MasterCard, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, MSNBC, Phillip Morris International, a magazine concept that went nowhere, an Anglican order of nuns… .

Ziff-Davis Publishing • Yahoo! Internet Life


  • As “managing editor,” I directed the work of editorial staff, including editors, writers, designers, layout artists, and production editors, for both the monthly magazine and Web site. True story: When I left to pursue my own consulting opportunity (and to be a contributing editor to the magazine), Ziff-Davis had to hire two people, an executive editor and a managing editor, to replace me.

News Corp. • iGuide


  • Produced weekly online version of TV Guide magazine, as well as daily entertainment features. Even though it wasn’t a requirement of the job, this is where I taught myself HTML and coded my first websites, skills that saved me when the layoffs came.

Time-Warner Entertainment/CUC International • Best Buys Productions


  • Developed the interface and managed a team of 15 freelancers to produce product copy for a proof-of-concept interactive shopping channel. Our audience was a test group of about 4,000 homes in Florida. As part of the work, we had to decide what would happen on the screen if you pushed the arrows and colored A, B, and C buttons on the prototype remote control. That research went into the screen and remote control interface most cable TV viewers use today.

Michael Wolff & Co.


  • Coauthored book Net Games (Random House, 1994)
  • Coordinated publicity for the company, its line of Net Guide books, and Michael Wolff.

Prodigy Services Company


  • As a marketing program manager, I edited and managed a 12-page, monthly, four-color membership newsletter with circulation of more than one million.
  • But originally, as a copywriter, I was a member of the team that developed online media industry’s first “graphical user interface” advertising for national and regional brands (Sears, Ford, Hayes Modem, Pershing Financial, etc.) I developed product copy, instructions, and microcopy for online banking, grocery shopping, stock trading, and other commercial online “firsts.” As part of this work, we invented the banner ad. You’re welcome.


  • Providing judgment and direction to creative directors, content strategists, user-experience professionals, editors, designers, writers, and back-end and front-end programmers to produce timely, attractive content.
  • Developing, designing, and delivering proposals to build a case for — and the educational assets to implement — content strategies, governance, tactics, and best practices.
  • Creating positive relationships between organizations and their stakeholders.


Bachelor of Arts, with honors • University of Oklahoma


  • Journalism